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Stuff in my House: Fish & Bobbles

January 14, 2013

So there’s a lot of weird stuff in my house.

Entirely my fault, I must admit.

But it makes for interesting pictures! And they’re great dust gatherers too. Who could ask for more?

Anyway this is a new series where I put up pictures of stuff I found in my house and maybe write a thing or two about what I remember of these objects.


It’s a fish at the end of a fishing rod. It’s actually a bookmark (which I’ve never actually used). It was just lying around. I think someone gave it to us.


I might have posted a picture of this guy before. It’s the Fallout series mascot, Vault Boy. This is a bobblehead that came with the special edition Fallout 3 PC game. Also included: a lunchbox (the one you can make bombs with in-game), a “making of” video – never watched, a special artbook, an unhelpful survival guide, the soundtrack, and the game itself (duh).

The Vault Boy bobbles excitingly.

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