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Stuff in my House 2: Tamamas, More Bobbles and a Duck

January 25, 2013


A life size Tamama from Keroro Gunsou. I believe it came from Taiwan. Tamama is awesome.


This one came from Taiwan too. It’s a keychain and if you press the symbol on his hat, Tamama will say “Tamama nitouhei desuuu”, then “Gunsou saaaan”, followed by “TAMAMA IMPAKUTO!!” and of course, “Tamatamatamatamatama………….. (ad infinitum)”.


This turtle also came from foreign lands, though I’m not too sure where exactly. Its head and all four limbs bobble. It’s great fun. Vault Boy stands next to the turtle up on my brother’s computer table.


A duck. It was free. It tells you a date. A date. Not THE date. That bit you’ll have to work out yourself.

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