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With Your Money

April 25, 2013

The things people do with Other Peoples’ Money.

Government reminding the public of all the great stuff they’ve done, all the angpow they have given away. “You should be grateful. We pay your grandma. We hold concerts with famous local and foreign celebrities. Vote for us”. But the money they spend for all this is Your Money.

But they’ve sacrificed so much of their lives in service of the public? If I may remind you, the politicians are paid – more than adequately considering whatever isn’t in the books – with Your Money.

When speaking in terms of Your Money, screw gratitude – sunk costs are sunk. Money in Other Peoples’ Pockets will never come home to yours… unless there is a benefit in doing so. Look to the future.

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. But past behavior repeats if nobody is planning to change.

Government is a system of redistribution. A system to collect taxes from companies and individuals to do things that add value or go towards public benefit, such as building roads, schools, airports, bridges. Dealing with other governments. Constructing policies to prevent corporations from screwing over their customers. Government is a facilitator. It facilitates public wants or, (since The Rolling Stones do say “You kein’t! Always giet! What you want!”) public needs, be it economic welfare, social welfare, etc etc.

Certainly there should be a degree of gratitude, as public service is a good thing. But to say one deserves it? The people are not here to stroke egos.

PS: Taxes are due on April 30th! Don’t forget to do them (says the person who hasn’t done them yet)……..

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