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The Silence of the ……?

July 9, 2013

I should perhaps apologize for not updating very much these days. [Inner Heckler: Nobody cares!]

Yet when I sit before the keyboard, I start with ideas on what I want to say, but confronted with the reality of self-expression, I blank out or write something that is utterly inane or banal [IH: Like you’re doing now.]

Even this piece, I wrote this in my notebook; it appears easier to express things when there is no potential audience, when viewers are removed yet another step. Even when this ‘viewer’ is but a monitor. Isn’t it funny? That sitting down to type something to be published online feels like I am screaming – like an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing – upon a crowded podium. [IH: Wait, crowded podium? Not to a crowded hall? Me: Yes… I do mean the podium.] It’s hubris I say, a common theme of the modern Internet world.

Perhaps the Internet, with its egalitarian “Everyone can be heard!” principles has made us feel by far more important that we really are.

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