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On Free Speech

December 12, 2016

So some dude on the Internet said an asshole thing in some other dude’s wall, and a third dude was all ‘bro why did you delete that bro’s comment dude, that’s silencing free speech’.


Think of it this way. You live in a house right? You have friends right? Now if one of your friends came along one day, uninvited, unannounced, and takes a dump in your living room. He goes right to town in your living room, and runs out naked and cackling into the night. What do you do? Do you leave that shit in your living room and point it out to all your visitors? Fuck, you clean that shit up right? It’s YOUR FUCKING HOUSE.

And if your friend wants to take his shits in his living room and invite all his guests to take a whiff and admire the scenery, that’s his thing. Maybe one or two will be thrilled at finding a fellow poop decorator and get inspired to dump in their houses. Good for them. Probably most people will take one look and run for the fucking hills like sane people do. All this is their right, and your friend can do what he likes in his house.

Point is, if someone shits in your house you have the FUCKING RIGHT to boot that fucker and keep your house clean.

So no, deleting a goddamn offensive post is not fucking stifling free fucking speech.


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